Our story

LOVE BRAND & Co. first made a splash in 2010 and every day since we have been on a mission to help save wildlife through our sophisticated swim and resort wear for men and children.

Trunks for Trunks.

British founder and designer Oliver Tomalin is the mastermind behind the pioneering beachwear brand with a loving ethos for elephants. The notion of elephants becoming extinct in Oliver's lifetime, struck a deep chord. He dived straight in and dedicated his swimming trunks to helping save elephants: a concept he coined 'Trunks for Trunks'.

Seven years on, three stores later and with a successful online shop, LOVE BRAND & Co. is fulfilling its goal to help to save endangered wildlife while creating and distributing beachwear in over 50 countries.

Proudly designed in London and made in Europe.

Oliver, who previously trained in architectural design, has a clean and minimal drawing style that is evident in his range of classic beach basics and in his iconic prints. Cleanly drawn forms, usually animals or favourite funny motifs, are scaled and repeated to create subtle and sophisticated effects. From afar the prints are awash with colour and on closer inspection layers of playful narrative appear, sometimes with optical illusions.

It's safe to say LOVE BRAND & Co. trunks aren’t just another pair of swimming shorts. The trunk drawstrings have tusks on the end, symbolic of the brand's unwavering commitment to elephants. Quality, fit and attention to detail are all key to LOVE BRAND & Co.'s effortless and timeless style.

A London brand on a global mission.

From day one, Oliver and his wife Rose have been supporting elephants by donating 5% of the company's revenues to charity projects. Originally supporting only Asian elephants, the brand's charitable scope has broadened to help all elephants and other endangered species. LOVE BRAND & Co. aims to be a voice and a fundraising vehicle for all species threatened by extinction.

Please see our current projects by our charity partners; Elephant Family, The David Shelddrick Wildlife Trust and Tusk Trust.