Founders Oliver and Rose Tomalin have always loved elephants since childhood. For them ensuring their survival is of the upmost importance. As our largest land mammal and one of the most heavily persecuted, they are our chosen ambassadors for all endangered species and lead our conversation in changing the way humans view and interact with the natural world.  

Reasons to save the elephant:

  • If we don’t act now this iconic species could be extinct from the wild by 2025.
  • In some countries of Africa including Sierra Leone and Senegal, elephants have already been driven to extinction.
  • Communities across Africa are dependent on elephants for an income through tourism. Saving the elephants also means preventing poverty, sustaining livelihoods and promoting sustainable tourism.
  • Elephants are a keystone species. Other animals, plants and entire ecosystems rely on them for survival.
  • ‘As go the elephants, so do the trees.’ Elephants are known as ‘nature’s gardeners’, plants and trees rely on elephants to disperse their seeds far and wide through their dung.
  • By uprooting trees to feed, they control the tree population leaving grasses to thrive and sustain animals such as wildebeests and zebras.
  • Elephants share the same emotions and cognitive behavior as humans. They grieve for their lost loved ones, they feel fear, joy and empathy and are highly praised for their intelligence.

Source: Iworry.org To read more about the crisis facing elephants please click here