Our Mission

In 25 years some of the most beautiful creatures on earth could be extinct. A world without elephants, rhinos, tigers, blue whales and other endangered species, is not an option for us.

Come rain or shine, year-after-year, we proudly donate 5% of the company's revenues to fund projects, put forward to us from all corners of the globe. We’re passionate about making sure the next generation - and the generation after that -  live to see all these beautiful creatures on earth.

It is our mission to raise awareness and funding for these vital projects, supporting the survival of our most threatened species and their habitats. Since the day we began we’ve been rooted in this mission and making sure this issue is on everyone’s agenda.

In order to support our cause, we are creating iconic beachwear - designed for the good times and for loving life.

Please see our current projects by our charity partners; Elephant Family, The David Shelddrick Wildlife Trust and Tusk Trust.