Our Mission

Our mantra is to love and live life to the full. But with our world developing faster than ever before, it has never been more prevalent that we do so responsibly. It is up to us to protect the natural world and its biodiversity, so the next generation can also enjoy the wondrous variety of life on Earth.

Love Brand & Co. is committed to helping elephants and other endangered species in the wild. We donate 5% of our revenue to charity.

We support the protection and sustainable conservation of endangered species and their diminishing habitat, to help save them from threat of extinction in the wild. We currently support 3 inspirational charities; Elephant Family, The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Tusk Trust.

Join us in loving life and saving wildlife! 

“We are saving elephants, one pair of swimming trunks at a time.” – Oliver Tomalin, Founder & Creative Director